Corporate Services - Business Problem Solving

  • Company formation, 'getting started' and related tax advice
  • Company administration for statutory compliance: Secretarial
  • Franchise evaluations
  • Preparation of minutes, annual returns - statutory documents
  • Advise on corporate lending, structuring and project feasibility
  • Business and share valuations
  • Advice on buying and selling businesses including franchises
  • Bank cash flows and loan applications, debt restructuring
  • Costing and pricing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cash management and budgets
  • Low cost reviews for banks and other interested parties
  • Book keeping and payroll
  • Virtual Office (off shore clients) using the cloud
    • Use our office as your registered address
    • Receive personal and business letters on behalf of clients
    • Local banking


Accounting Services

  • Preparation of periodic and annual financial statements
  • Maintain accounting records for statutory and taxation purposes
  • Assist in preparation of government and industry statistical returns
  • Computer services:
    • Payroll
    • Job costing
    • Stock valuation
    • XERO training and consulting
    • Banklink installation
    • MYOB consulting


Taxation Compliance & Planning Services

Our firm specialises in the preparation of income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts. In addition the firm provides tax planning for both individuals and corporate clients both foreign and domestic.

Our objective is to minimise your taxes based on the current tax laws and to consider prospective changes that are bound to occur. We believe you should pay the least possible tax, yet stay within the law. Our tax services are different because we search for the precise strategy that will serve you best. We do not settle for the obvious solution to any tax matter.

  • Taxation Planning
  • Year end planning
  • Tax effective investment consultation and advise
  • Preparation and lodgement of returns and any necessary objections for:
    • Income Tax
    • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Review exposure and assist with tax compliance
  • Briefing appropriate legal and other advisors
  • Tax arrangement with Inland Revenue
  • Tax postponement and objection


Property Investment Services

The Property Investment Services has been structured to process your property accounting and taxation work, including:

  • Preparation and filing of your Special Tax Codes to give to you earlier benefit from tax losses incurred by your property investment company
  • Preparation of Independent PIA (Property Investment Analysis) reports. This is a useful tool to review the cashflows and possible returns on your property
  • Preparation of financial statements and taxation returns
  • Recommendation of best structure of property ownership, and related tax advice


Management Advisory Services

  • 'Startright' Programmes for new businesses
  • Short and long-term operational planning
  • Cash flow forecasts, projections and budgets
  • Confidential personnel recruitment
  • Costing and pricing advice
  • Training course for your accounting staff - including XERO and MYOB
  • Profit enhancement
  • Strategic business management
  • Reorganisation and Restructuring
  • Expense reduction


Build A Better Business with 'Bizness Tools' and 'Bizness Coaching'

Programmed one-on-one each month

  • Bizness Analysis
  • Bizness Planning
  • Bizness Budgeting


  • Retirement Planning
  • Family Trust formations
  • Estate and Trust planning
  • Family Business Succession