Allan Gilligan


Allan Gilligan   CA, CMA, FCPA(Aust), SIA, JP

Management advisor on profit improvement, capital structuring, costing and Information Technology.
Consultant to off-shore investors moving into New Zealand on business planning and budgeting.
Specialist in personal financial planning, and business education courses and seminars.
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Angelique Henri

Angelique Henri   CA

Angelique joined our compliance department in 2008. She is our Senior Account Manager and has successfully completed her Bachelor of Accounting and her Postgraduate Diploma in Business. Angelique is a full member of the Chartered Accountants, Australia New Zealand. Angelique is also XERO Certified and can offer training in XERO.



Experienced accounting, clerical and office support staff. Our team of accountants, financial advisors, analysts and information technology consultants strive to provide our clients with solutions to help guide them towards financial success.

Our focus on the quality of life helps us to emphasise meeting long-term objectives, not just short-term problem solving. We emphasize wealth building one step at a time. We are aggressive, yet practical. Working as a team, we consider both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of client needs.