“Skilled workers are in pole position and can expect pay increases in the coming year as businesses scramble to retain and recruit staff.”

According to Robert Walters New Zealand's latest salary survey, over 80 per cent of employees are confident of "plentiful" job opportunities in 2018, driven by a thriving economy and large government project roll-outs.

Last year salaries rose for nearly 60 per cent of professionals and, according to the recruitment consultancy's survey, 74 per cent expected a bump this year.

Source: Matthew Theunissen (NZ Herald)

What this means for employers and accountants:

Greater emphasis on staff training, staff retention, remuneration packages, home based offices, overseas recruitment and outsourcing globally. 

Recruiting candidates strong in Science and IT, more mechanisation with data processing equipment, graphics, CAD, smart phones, scanning.

Special packages including fringe benefits (FBT), glide time and contracting.